The good is produced, blending % 60 Calf Yaprak. % 40 Mindcedbeef. and mixing the classical spices.

HACCP and IS022000 Quality Standarts are applied in each step of production process. Our priority is to produce the goods without touching and satisfy your taste with maximum production sensitivities. The whole meat products are gained from the young bulls not more the 2.5 years old. The whole products are butchered in the case of food engineers and vetenarians and definitely according to islamic regulations. The priorities of us are the consumption of the products should be satisfying, and definitely to make producing without touching.

Energy value378 Kcal
Protein15 g
Fat22 g
Carbonhydrade55 g

Shelf life of a frozen good should be under the temperature 18C with unopened pack. It should be defrosted in Refrigerator, and defrosted good should be again frosted.


6 kg - 150 kg